genealogy & research


          Allen Genealogy and Research has been established for over 20 years.  We have

          dealt with numerous unclaimed estates over these years and reunited hundreds     

          beneficaries with their legal entitlements.

         We were therefore ‘heir hunters’ before the popular term existed.

          However, whilst probate research forms an important part of our work,  we are primarily            genealogists.   You may have heard our senior researcher Terence Allen on BBC local    

          radio giving advice to listeners on how to research their family tree or how to access a

           County Records office.

          Terence Allen has also written articles for Family Chronicle Magazine and Family  


          Therefore working with Allen Genealogy is a professional, less pressurised experience.

          However perhaps the best recommendation comes from the letters of our satisfied    


Thank you for your work and diligence. 
I would willingly recommend your company
To anyone needing the services you provide
Yours sincerely
P.C -Snodland Kent
I would like to thank you for your
determination and effort in tracing
me and your helpfulness in dealing
with the administration-
Yours sincerely
S.W -Maidstone Kent

Dear Sir,  I would like to thank 
you for the work put in to acquire 
an inheritance on my behalf. 
Without the work of Allen 
Genealogy this would not have
 been possible,
     J.C -Oldham
We would like to thank you for 
all your help and hard work in 
tracing us. 
 I think you run a very good 
service and hope you have 
continued success,
Yours sincerely
Mrs A.L  -Nailsworth
Many thanks for your hard work and research 
which resulted in the surprise legacy.
On behalf of both myself and my sister may 
I thank you again
Yours sincerely    Rev -T.L  -Midlands

Allen Genealogy and Research PO Box 2064 Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2FZ


On behalf of my brother and myself, thank you for all the hard work, leading to us receiving a most welcome sum of money. But for you, we would not have known of the estate

G.L- Ashstead Surrey

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